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Event Name:Life Priorities, Money Goals and Accountability - Essential First Steps Toward Achieving Success
Event Type(s):AORE Program

Most people struggle with money, debt and not knowing “where it all goes”. Somehow we have gotten this far in life but have still not been taught how to manage our money inline with our life priorities and goals. GreenKeel works to help people create a plan and set up systems specifically tailored to your life, goals, and vision for the future. Together we will use proven methods to inventory your money situation, set up systems (many of them automatic) and take action toward helping you achieve your personal vision for the future. We recognize that no two people are alike and therefore we work to help you find the systems that work best for you. Money should be a tool to achieve your dreams not a burden that controls your life. Through accountability and focusing on you, GreenKeel helps members achieve success. 

This session is FREE to attend for members and not-yet-members.

Please note that this 1 hour session will be held twice on Wednesday, February 9th (12 PM ET and 8 PM ET).  The content will be the same for both sessions, but we are excited to be able to offer options so that you can attend the session that best meets your needs.   
Event Date:2/16/2022
Event Time:12:00 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern
Contact Person:AORE National Office
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