Clinical First Responderâ„¢ II
10/12/2022 - 10/14/2022
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Pacific
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Virtual Clinical First Responder II

October 12-14, 2022

We are pleased to announce the next Virtual Clinical First Responder II Training!  Now you can be enrolled in a CFR Training without leaving your home or office- saving time and money.  

We have been offering virtual trainings for nearly 2 years now and participants are thrilled with the results.  They routinely comment that the training is very relatable in a virtual format.  You will be pleased to know that all of the critical elements have been retrained, including scenarios (the perennial staff favorite), which are surprisingly effective online.  In order to minimize screen fatigue, we recorded a number of lectures which has allowed us to reduce the training to 3 days of synchronous learning.   The day of asynchronous material can be completed at participants' leisure.  The training remains engaging with exercises and hand-on learning to keep it lively, and we have shortened the days to avoid screen burnout.  We are confident that you will find it equally as valuable as our traditional in-person training.
Virtual Clinical First Responder II
Contact Person
Dr. Scott Bandoroff
(phone: 541.951.4329 )

The Clinical First Responder Training is Uniquely Designed for Outdoor Adventure Leaders
     The Goal of CFR is to provide outdoor leaders with the skills they need to create emotional safety in their groups and to recognize and manage psychological crises in a safe and effective manner.  
     Outdoor Adventure practitioners rely on technical and interpersonal skills to create transformative experiences for their participants. While many formal trainings and certifications focus on technical skills, very few programs focus primarily on the interpersonal skills. To fill this gap, the Clinical First Responder (CFR) was developed to train non-clinician wilderness guides to competently assist in the care and treatment of clients with psychological, emotional, and behavioral issues in adventure/wilderness therapy programs.
     Naturally students in any outdoor adventure program can react similarly when stretching their comfort zones, and adventure leaders must recognize and act decisively to guide their participants through these challenging experiences. CFR provides foundational skills to help with that, including effective communication, emotional regulation and de-escalation, and group dynamics and facilitation, in addition to other essential tools to help facilitate any quality and safe adventure outing.  
     CFR offers 3 days of action-packed training, loaded with relevant information and hands-on practice that help leaders become more effective at: 

  • Establishing a therapeutic alliance with their participants.
  • Understanding issues and needs that underlie student/guest behavior and symptoms.
  • Using the therapeutic relationship as a tool, resulting in fewer  emotional crises and critical incidents.
  • Recognizing emerging mental health issues and acting decisively
  • Exhibiting greater flexibility in the application of their skills and knowledge.

 Virtual Clinical First Responder Training
3 days of synchronous training with an additional 6 hours of asynchronous learning to be completed online at the participant's leisure. 

Training day consists of a 3 hr morning session with a 1.5 hour break followed by 3.5 hr afternoon session

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Cost $795
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10/12/2022 - 10/14/2022  

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