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AORE Announces Mad Rock as first AORE365 Alliance Partner
Partnership reflects Mad Rock’s passion and commitment to AORE, our mission and most importantly--our members.

Partnership reflects Mad Rock’s passion and commitment to AORE, our mission and most importantly--our members.

ANN ARBOR, MICH. – June 1, 2016 – The Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) is excited to announce Mad Rock as our first official AORE365 Alliance Partner. The 2-year partnership program was developed to provide our industry partners with opportunities to align with AORE’s mission and to show commitment and passion to the outdoor recreation industry.
“Mad Rock has been a long-time friend and supporter of AORE and we are excited and grateful to have their support at the highest tier,” said AORE Executive Director, Jeannette Stawski. “Having Mad Rock as our first AORE365 partner will give us the opportunity to advance AORE’s mission and to serve our community with additional resources. We are looking forward to the mutual support and growing relationships that will come with this exciting partnership, and to continuing to promote and strengthen the outdoor recreation industry through this and future AORE365 partnerships. Thank you, Mad Rock, for being our first AORE365 partner, and for your continued support of the AORE community.”
What began as a small operation in 2002 to create innovative, highly technical and affordable rock climbing shoes, Mad Rock has developed into a refined business producing sophisticated shoes, hardware and accessories all at an affordable price-tag. Mad Rock is also very involved in the rock climbing and bouldering industry, sponsoring over 50 athletes worldwide.
“We are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with AORE to support not only the rock climbing industry but the outdoor recreation industry as a whole,” said Kenny Suh, Mad Rock Global Sales and Marketing Director.  “As this relationship grows and presents new opportunities in the field of outdoor education and recreation, we are excited to be able to support essential programs that provide key services to the students and professionals in our unique industry.”
The AORE365 Alliance Partnership program is a unique opportunity for our industry partners to help build and maintain year-round, 365-day relationships with AORE members and the outdoor recreation and education community nationwide. Members of AORE should expect to see more information on Mad Rock in the coming weeks, months and specifically at the 2016 Annual Conference highlighting the new partnership.
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About Mad Rock
The pursuit of Innovation and Value: It’s the premise that inspired our first pair of climbing shoes and still guides us today.  In order to bring climbing gear to the next level, every aspect of our designs feature seamless technology and innovation. And we pursue it by doing something very simple – putting climbers first.  Based just outside of Los Angeles, CA and sold across the world; visit for more information.


Published: 06/01/16