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Jeannette Stawksi talks about the importance of relationship-building and gives members a sneak peek of AORE's upcoming adventures!

Life thrives on connection. You can see this everywhere in nature---from the complex link between living organisms to the very ecosystems and resources that they depend on. AORE is no different. We draw strength from our members and partners, inspired by their combined knowledge, endless energy, and overwhelming desire to innovate. In turn, AORE is able to leverage its national influence to advocate for members, encourage collaboration, convene key decision makers, and advance the field of outdoor recreation and education as a whole.
As AORE’s executive director, I have had the privilege of witnessing these powerful relationships at work firsthand. Our members are making an impact all across the country, using the lessons of our lands and waters to serve communities that are as diverse as nature itself. These collective experiences fuel each interaction that I have “out in the wild” and inform the strategies AORE deploys to do more for membership and the profession. In 2019, my goal is to share your success stories and insights in as many ways as possible, including here in the AORE Newsroom. The commitment I see over and over is incredible. I can't wait to make new memories with you and build upon everything we have accomplished already.

In the weeks ahead, I will attend the NIRSA Conference in Boston, MA (February 16 – 19) to engage with members, build rapport with industry leaders, and present on top concerns and priorities for those working in our field. And I will travel to the Outdoor Retailer and Snow Show in Denver, CO (January 30 – February 1) to touch base with local members, visit with vendors, and learn about new outdoor recreation trends. And as Chair of the multi-stakeholder group, Coalition for Outdoor Access, I will also participate in a half-day summit during this time to help drive critical conversations about needed improvements to the permitting process, which impacts AORE members and their programs. I urge you to reach out and let me know if you will be at one of these events. I'd love to connect!
Once I return from my expedition, I will share a full report on progress made in AORE’s four focus areas: advocacy, networking, professional development, and career advancement. Stay tuned!
Yours in Adventuring,
Jeannette Stawski
Executive Director


Published: 01/25/19