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AORE's reference book is designed to support the success of both seasoned and new administrators as well as students.

Outdoor recreation programming is a growing and diverse field that requires administrators to be ready to work in complex and multidisciplinary environments. 

AORE's reference book, Outdoor Program Administration: Principles and Practices, will help both seasoned and new administrators—as well as students and emerging professionals—develop and sustain successful programs in outdoor recreation settings across public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

This comprehensive text is enhanced by the authors’ collective experience in the field. They explore a wide range of topics, including:

  • Program Design
  • Risk Management and Legal Considerations
  • Budgeting and Financial Operations
  • Legal Issues and Concerns
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Land Access (permits) and Environmental Stewardship
  • Staffing Considerations (recruitment, supervision, training, and assessment)
  • Management of indoor climbing walls and challenge courses

Priced at only $65.00 USD a piece on our website, this exceptional book is a steal and an essential addition to any library. You can pick up your own copy in AORE’s online store.

Or if you are an educator, we encourage you to use this resource in working with students. Simply place the title on your class book list and tell students to place their orders through Human Kinetics, where there is both a hardcover version available for sale as well as an eBook.

FEEL GOOD: When you purchase the AORE textbook directly through the Human Kinetics site, a percentage of book royalties goes to support AORE programming and services. 

Published: 03/18/19