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We asked the AORE community how they survived January. Check out some of the impressive images that members submitted!

AORE members are a pretty brave bunch as we all know. But the Polar Vortex hit us hard in January, testing even the most committed of our winter wonderland explorers with severe snow storms and record-setting subzero temperatures. And our mighty team of AORE staff marveled at the power of nature as well, battling the elements throughout Michigan and witnessing steam rising off Lake Michigan in Chicago, IL.

We asked the AORE community on social media how they survived the cold and of course, the responses did not disappoint. One of the most impressive images was submitted by Joseph Sanchez who spent time outdoors with friends at the incredible Ouray Ice Climbing Festival in Colorado. We hope you are just as inspired as we are. Truly, nothing can keep our members down!


Published: 01/31/19