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Kellie Gerbers celebrates the passing of the Every Kid Outdoors Act and reflects on environmental education and stewardship just in time for Earth Day.

Greetings, AORE Community!
I had an opportunity to attend an Earth Day breakfast sponsored by the Utah Society of Environmental Educators (USEE) this week, and being surrounded by so many individuals that share similar perspectives on the value and importance of environmental education made me stop to appreciate the same quality in our AORE membership.
One of the major accomplishments that we recognized at this event was the passing of the Every Kid Outdoors Act, which authorizes resources nationally to help kids get outside and active on public lands. Additionally, here in the state of Utah, we also celebrated the passing of Utah’s Every Kid Outdoors Initiative (HCR004) which states that every child in Utah should have the opportunity to do the following:

  • observe nature and wildlife in Utah;
  • explore Utah's parks, public lands, and wild places;
  • experience The Greatest Snow on Earth;
  • gaze at the starry sky;
  • bring along a friend to discover nearby nature;
  • splash in Utah's rivers, lakes, and streams;
  • follow a trail;
  • plant a seed;
  • play on Utah's rocks and mountains; and
  • be a steward and take care of Utah's outdoor places.

I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize AORE Board Member Tom Adams and his staff in the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation for their work on supporting this incredibly important, future-focused initiative.
Beyond providing a steady paycheck, environmental learning offers us, as educators, opportunities to see and experience incredible outdoor spaces and help others gain a deeper
appreciation of our natural world. On Earth Day this year, I encourage you to consider why you value environmental education and stewardship and consider tangible, actionable steps that you can take to preserve our planet’s resources and help others enjoy the outdoors responsibly.
If you haven’t already visited our Advocacy page on the AORE website, you can access a variety of resources provided by past and present volunteers who have worked with our Environmental Stewardship committee––from the latest information on land access and permitting issues to a wealth research conducted by members and partners of the association. And if you'd like to get more involved and share your unique insights and expertise within this space, consider becoming a volunteer with us! Right now, this critical committee is looking for new members 
Thank you again for your support of AORE. In celebration of Earth Day, I hope you have an opportunity to get outside and reflect on the critical work that we do individually and together. Together, we can make a difference for our planet.

Happy Adventuring!

Kellie Gerbers
Board Chair

Categories: Advocacy, Membership
Published: 04/18/19