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Chair Andrew Lyburn and Chair Elect Jen Siliko provide updates on the Professional Development Committee's work during the first half of 2019.

Professional Development Committee (PDC)
Mid-Year Report: January - July 2019
Andrew Lyburn, Chair     |     Jen Siliko, Chair-Elect


Formally known as the Student Development Committee prior to 2019, this dedicated group of volunteers renamed themselves as the Professional Development Committee (PDC) in January of this year. The PDC provides advice and recommendations to the AORE Board of Directors on matters relating to member professional development. This includes: 

                A.  Assisting members with the development of professional competencies
                B.  Providing mentorship and career counseling
                C.  Advocating for the advancement of workforce opportunities

WEBINAR ALERT: Join the PDC on July 22 at 3:30pm EST to learn more about the committee's work and find out how to get involved. Everybody is welcome! [READ MORE]

2019 Highlights (January - July)
First Quarter Update: The PDC held its first call in February. The bulk of the meeting focused on reviewing the main points of the 2019
committee charter and then creating actionable goals for the year. A task force was created to drive improvements to the PDC's Mentorship Program as well. In the months ahead, AORE members should expect to see increased marketing for the PDC's various offerings as it continues to grow, including popular services such as 1:1 mock interviews, cover letter critiques, and resume reviews.

Second Quarter Update: The PDC has conducted three resume reviews and 1:1 mock interviews with AORE members. Committee leadership held a conference call with Sara Krueger, Manager of AORE Marketing & Communications, to discuss strategies for communicating with members. She is hard at work on the development of promotional messaging for the PDC's year-round services and the CareerHQ experience at the AORE-AEE Joint Conference in Spokane, WA this November. Be on the lookout for future PDC updates on the AORE website and through multiple member publications like monthly e-blasts, the weekly digest, and on social media. The PDC also conducted a mid-year evaluation of its Mentorship Program. A comprehensive survey was sent out to all mentees as a part of this process. The PDC plans to follow up with these individuals in the Third Quarter and after the responses are analyzed, major takeaways will be used to further expand and strengthen the PDC's impact. 

The PDC wants you to serve as a volunteer mentor! We are currently seeking industry leaders to support students and emerging professionals within the AORE community. This experience proves to be extremely rewarding for both the mentors and the mentees. But don't just take our word for it. Check out this enjoyable essay from AORE member Kyle Kraft Culkin that recounts the incredible impact of one past mentorship pairing.  [APPLY NOW]

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Published: 07/08/19