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Sasha Griffith, AORE Recognition Committee Chair, recaps 2018 accomplishments and shares an update on work completed in the first half of 2019.

Recognition Committee
Mid-Year Report: January 2019 - July 2019
Committee Chair: Sasha Grifith


Committee Overview & 2018 Recap (October - December)

In 2018, AORE's Awards Committee restructured itself in order to increase overall effectiveness and reach with members, with overall responsibilities being redistributed across two different groups (Awards Action Team & Recognition Committee). The Awards Action Team works under the conference planning committee and drives much of efforts involved with association awards and conference scholarships. In October 2018, a total of ten (10) AORE members received awards across seven (7) categories during the annual conference in Snowbird, UT. The full list of recipients is provided below:
  • Student Lit Award (Ryan Brady and Kevin Buchanan)
  • Student Scholarships (Abigail Morrissey​ and Kathleen McTighe)
  • Student Bridge Builder Award (Anna Hisnanick and Robert Warner​)
  • Jim Rennie Award (Guy deBrun) 
  • Bill March Award (Christian Spohn)
  • David J. Webb Award (West Virginia University)
  • Patsy Kott Award (Amanda Preperato)

The newly renamed Recognition Committee now focuses on year-round member appreciation initiatives. Committee members provide advice and recommendations to the AORE Board of Directors and National Office on matters relating to awards and member recognition given by or through the association. Want more information on the efforts of these dedicated volunteers, including how to get more involved? Check out our newsroom article that covers everything from the Recognition Committee's goals and mission to details on the various ways you can become more engaged! [READ MORE]

Recognition Committee: 2019 Highlights (January - July)

During the first two quarters, the committee experienced successes in multiples areas as well as new growth overall. The following list of developments represents some of the biggest wins to date this year.
  • Created a formal member survey with the help of AORE staff in order to facilitate the easy collection of future media and interview content from members.​
  • Launched the new "Members in Motion" series in AORE's online newsroom. These monthly articles highlight the inspiring work of AORE's members---from individuals to programs and organizations.
  • Began the process of interviewing AORE board and committee volunteers with the goal of helping members connect more deeply with association leadership.
  • Highlighted a total of eight (8) members / organizations in the "Members in Motion" series since March 2019. These newsroom spotlights were subsequently shared through AORE's Weekly Digest and on social media as well.
  • Hit the goal of 100% committee meeting attendance for both quarters.

CALL TO ACTION: YOUR VOICE MATTERS! AORE is powered by its members. Your programs and projects enrich our collective community, inspiring all of us to work harder, dream bigger, and never take "no" for an answer. This year, the Recognition Committee wants to share more of your stories so that everyone can benefit from the challenges faced and the lessons learned along the way. Whether you'd like to lift up fellow colleagues, showcase a success, highlight best practices, or recount tales from the trail, your perspective packs a punch and we want to hear from you! If you have something you'd like to have highlighted in a future issue of the "Members in Motion" series, please contact Sasha Grifith, Recognition Committee Chair, via email at:

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Published: 07/20/19