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Chance McCormack discuses how an AORE scholarship led to a once-in-a-lifetime professional opportunity that has impacted where he still lives and works today!

Chance McCormack Anna discusses how an AORE scholarship led to a once-in-a-lifetime professional opportunity that has impacted where he still lives and works today!‚Äč
How did earning an AORE scholarship improve your overall professional development?
I can honestly say that earning the AORE scholarship got me where I am today professionally. I likely would have never been able to attend AORE’s conference without this support. The experience introduced me to the world of military recreation, which I didn’t know existed until I became involved with AORE. The benefits of networking during AORE’s conference allowed me to find and successfully apply to a job opening in Grafenwoehr, Germany, where I am still working today.
Outside of just gaining professional development, why do you think AORE scholarships and funds, such as student scholarship endowment, memorial funds, and student/professional development are important to the members of this organization?
Scholarships are an important aspect of AORE because they allow more people to attend the conference and take advantage of the learning and networking there. Later on, these individuals might become repeat conference attendees and even deepen their involvement behind-the-scenes as conference presenters, volunteers, and board members later. The community as a whole is enriched.
Please share a quick story about your scholarship or experience that wouldn’t be possible without AORE.
Without receiving the AORE scholarship, I might not be living and working where I am today.
What would you tell other student/pro members thinking about applying for AORE scholarships?
Scholarships open doors to networking and networking opens doors to both personal and professional development.
What did you learn from your AORE scholarship and/or professional development opportunity?
Every time I attend an AORE conference I learn something new from attending the many seminars, networking with attendees, and participating in pre- and post-conference workshops. It’s always important to learn how different organizations and people approach the same obstacles. Everyone has more ideas to draw from as they work.
Why do you think these scholarship and professional development opportunities are important to AORE and advancing the larger outdoor industry?
AORE is important to the larger industry because the association allows a large number of outdoor enthusiasts to learn about different career paths, outdoor programs, schools, scholarships, grants, gear, and much more. It connects people to ideas, resources, and other professionals to learn from and collaborate with in the field.

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Published: 12/03/19