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Dear AORE Community,

Like many other organizations, AORE is seeing what is happening in the United States. We acknowledge that it is not new, it is not unique to this country, nor is it a simple matter.

For our membership that identifies as Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC)--we see all of you, but we acknowledge that right now one group is really hurting as a result of years of systemic injustices.

For our membership that does not identify as BIPOC: we have work to do.

aore - dei current events - message from leadership june 2There may be the argument to keep posts industry specific and not political-that the outdoors is for everyone and sees no color. All of this is false. Even so, AORE honors that first idea by not posting something that is political-this is about people, not politics.

AORE is an organization for leaders and we intend to challenge our leaders and our organization to do better, for the industry and for the world. There is no outdoors for all without justice. There is no justice without action.

There are many things we could have said here and have not. That is because one post will not "solve" this, but it can help to start conversations that do. Please remember that we are here to support and challenge each other, not drive further divides by “othering” folks by their decisions and reactions. We must, as an organization and a society, judge the causes and the roots of those reactions-not the reactions themselves-to see real change.”

We would love to see what resources people are finding helpful now, and in all times. For those of you with questions, comments, and concerns, we would love to see you engage on the DE&I message board, or all message boards to learn, question, share. Other avenues for discussion, engagement and learning are in the works. Stay tuned.


AORE Leadership


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Published: 06/02/20