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Featured Story

Resource Page for 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic
In such a rapidly changing world right now, resources and information are coming at us quickly. Our members and our network is full of resourceful, educated, experienced individuals and organizations. This page will be ever-changing and ever-growing throughout the next few weeks and months as the needs of our members changes with the events of the world.


Published: 03/17/20
AORE Partner News
Updates from AORE Partners at Outdoor Foundation, National Park Service and National Outdoor Book Awards, NIRSA. Interested in learning more? Be sure to reach out to the organizations featured in this edition!


Published: 05/31/16

AORE Announces 2016 Research Grant
The Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) along with its Research and Publications Committee are excited to announce the 2016 Research Grant awarding up to $5,000 to a researcher or research team studying various topics surrounding the outdoor recreation and education industry. AORE announced the highly increased funding levels last year and is honored to provide the opportunity to researchers to study an area of interest that meets areas of strategic importance to AORE and its members.


Published: 05/06/16

AORE Attends Inaugural Risk Management in Outdoor Recreation Roundtable
Over the course of two days in late April, in Washington, DC, 30 stakeholders from the outdoor recreation industry and from federal agencies involved in connecting people with America’s public lands convened a roundtable discussion to share knowledge, explore concepts, and build partnerships in the spirit of understanding the inherent risks of outdoor activities and imparting lessons from experience onto the recreating public, especially targeted groups that may not have experience with remote, backcountry, outdoor recreation.


Published: 05/02/16